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The region of Navarra offers the ideal setting for lovers of natura, outdoor sports and traditional gastronomy. At the Hotel Alhama we are always designing new plans and activities so that you can enjoy the region with your familily and friends.
This monumental city, located in the South of Navarra, is the best scenario to discover the baroque art of the region. Going through its streets is a trip to other times where Manor houses and palaces like Arrese or house of Chains (where Queen María Luisa de Saboya was hosted to heal her tuberculosis) were plentiful. You will also find convents and churches like San Miguel Church. Finally, is mandatory to taste the delicacies of the Corella’s vegetables and its good wines.
The Real Palace of Olite, headquarters of the Navarrese kings untl the incorporation of Navarra to the Castilla Crown in 1512, became one of the most luxurious medieval castles in Europe. Its majesty takes us to the middle Ages through a walk by its rooms, luxuriously decorated and its lush gardens. The Medieval Parties are the perfect occasion to live this historic experience and remember the past of Olite.
A walk through the wine culture of the region that will take you to vineyards, wine cellars and wine tastings where you will be told more about the history of wine production. Not only will you Some of the most renowned wines of Navarra, including reds, whites, and sweet wines, but also enjoy the Navarrese landscapes and towns.
The Natural Park of the Bardenas Reales offers 42,500 hectares of semi-desert landscape where you can admire the raw beauty of an amazing nature. The shapes that you will find, sculpted by erosion, together form an almost lunar spectacle, from another world. You have at your disposal many signposted routes that you can go on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or with motor vehicles, crossing ravines, flat plateaus and solitary hills.
Next to the Natural Park of the Bardenas Reales is Sendaviva, the largest family leisure park on the peninsula with 120 hectares. Here, you will enjoy a day of exciting adventures with the whole family. Roller coasters, tobogganing, 650 meter zip lines and much more await you.
In the middle of the way Pamplona - Logroño, in a transition area between the mountain and the riverbank, is located Estella-Lizarra, a monumental city born with the Camino de Santiago. In XV Century it was known as “Estella la bella” (Estella the Beauty) and actually keeps honoring this name: it is a Romanic city that hosts palaces, manor houses, churches, convents, bridges and beautiful buildings. All this monuments give it the name of “the northern Toledo”. The city has 13.000 people, and will surprise you by its variety of gastronomy and by its animated cultural and commercial activities; there is a market on Thursdays.

During your visit you will see pilgrims and tourists wanting to discover its old Frank and Jewish streets. You will confirm something Aymeric Picaud said: “Estella is a city of good bread, excellent wine, lots of meat and fish and all kind of happiness”.
The heart of La Rioja takes its name from a celic word gronio, which makes reference to the born of the city by the Ebro River. The modernity and the oldness take each other’s hand in a city that seems made to be walked. The calm, the gastronomy and an excellent wine are always present in the tables of lots of bars and restaurants you will find.
This Aragonese city, episcopal and Mudejar, guards a great number of interesting stops that deserve a visit. Located by the Moncayo slopes, the village invites you to discover a good walk through the streets and watching the buildings. The cathedral is a good show of the variety of styles in the city buildings, we can appreciate different styles: Gothic, Mudejar and Renaissance. It also deserves a visit the episcopal palace, the Magdalena church and the polygonal bull ring.
Another places
If you want to keep discovering Navarra, you are lucky! This region offer infinite plans for everybody and all kind of activities.

To keep tasting Navarrese food Tudela is a must. You can also visit Puente La Reina, a medieval village where the two main walks in the Camino de Santiago crossed. Of a medieval spirit is also the Cerco de Artajona, the most important popular fortification in Navarra. For the archeology lovers, the Contrebia Leucade site that guards historic pieces. Near the frontier with La Rioja we find Fitero, the first Monastery built in the Iberian Peninsula by the Cistercian Order. If you want to go beyond Navarra, we recommend La Rioja, where the lovers of nature and photography cannot loose Alfaro.

Remember all this places are very close from the Hotel Alhama, where we will arrange a visit wherever you want to enjoy your stay with us. We are waiting for you!